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InDesign Tips: How to Use Text Threads & Find/Change

By Addy Fulmer | Thu, Oct 18, 2012

InDesign has a number of different tools to help you edit a document quickly and easily. Two of my favorites (especially when working with large copy heavy documents) are text threads and find/change. 

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Printing Your Story – Self-Publishing a Book

By Carrie Grove | Wed, Oct 10, 2012

Secretly I have dreamt of becoming a famous author. I just think that it would be so cool to come up with an amazingly creative and riveting piece of fiction, print it on paper, bind it and then sell it to the masses. I am in awe of and I truly admire authors like J.K. Rowlings and Jodi Picoult to name two. What a gift to be able to create such interesting characters that come to life in the vivid stories that they weave, all the while earning a fantastic, even outrageous, income. My dream profession and title . . . “Famous Author”.

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