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Digital Printing on Demand

By Carrie Grove | Tue, Jan 25, 2011

What exactly does this mean, digital printing on demand? Well, it’s pretty much how it sounds. You print what you want when you want it, a service that was not possible, or should I say maybe possible but very cost prohibitive, before the age of digital printing.

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TPI Solutions Ink Blog: Printing with Bleeds Basics

By Carrie Grove | Wed, Jan 19, 2011

What is a bleed?

In the printing and graphic design world a bleed is any print or graphic that goes right to the trimmed edge of the printed sheet.

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TPI Solutions Ink Blog: Top Ten List

By Carrie Grove | Fri, Jan 07, 2011

Here are the Top Ten Reasons why you should partner with
TPI Solutions Ink in 2011:

  • #10: We've been printing since the days of peace, love and happiness, when gas cost 29 cents a gallon.
  • #9: We love a challenge . . . honest, we do!

  • #8: TPI Solutions Ink runs HP Indigo Digital Presses and Heidelberg Offset Presses . . . the best in the business.

  • #7: We win LOTS of awards! TPI Solutions Ink won four Pinnacle Awards for our digital printing from Printing Industries of New England in 2010.

  • #6: You'll like us!

  • #5: We keep up with the latest technology in the printing industry. We have to, TPI Solutions Ink was established in 1963 when an apple was still just a piece of fruit and Abe and Jim Spurrell's darkroom was an old meat freezer!

  • #4: The environment is important to us. We recycle paper, plastics and metals, we conserve energy where we can and we follow all industry guidelines for disposal of our very small amount of waste.

  • #3: TPI Solutions Ink is a local, family owned and operated small business in our third generation. We will treat you like a part of the family . . . like it or not!

  • #2: Value for your dollar. You will receive the most value for your dollar at TPI Solutions Ink with our exceptional, friendly personal service, quality printing and reliability.


  • #1: YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US! We care about your project as much as you do and we will work alongside you to acheive your goals!

Are you already a partner with us? If so, what is your number 1 reason for working with TPI Solutions Ink? Please chime in!

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