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Printing Your Story – Self-Publishing a Book

By Carrie Grove | Wed, Oct 10, 2012

Secretly I have dreamt of becoming a famous author. I just think that it would be so cool to come up with an amazingly creative and riveting piece of fiction, print it on paper, bind it and then sell it to the masses. I am in awe of and I truly admire authors like J.K. Rowlings and Jodi Picoult to name two. What a gift to be able to create such interesting characters that come to life in the vivid stories that they weave, all the while earning a fantastic, even outrageous, income. My dream profession and title . . . “Famous Author”.

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New HP Indigo 5500 Installed and Running

By Carrie Grove | Wed, Oct 19, 2011

It has been pretty hectic at TPI Solutions Ink over the last couple of weeks but well worth it. Our new HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press has been installed and is up and running!

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TPI Solutions Ink Blog: Mohawk Panoramic Paper & the HP Indigo press

By Carrie Grove | Wed, Dec 15, 2010

So many new and exciting things are going on in the printing industry today, especially in the area of digital printing. Technological advances seem endless! Fortunately TPI Solutions Ink remains on top of it all, or at least we are certainly trying to. Almost six years ago now we purchased our first HP Indigo digital press. We have had great success with the HP Indigo, winning several awards for a variety of projects that we have printed on it. What makes these projects winners is a combination of not only the design, the press and the press operator but also the quality of the substrate on which the job is printed.

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