Boston Marathon: Bold Colors For Bold People


The Boston Marathon represents strength, community, and perseverance. Once again, the city comes together to take part in the oldest continuously running marathon. One hundred twenty years stand behind this celebration of life which has only grown stronger against all odds. We wanted to take a deeper look into the empowering colors used in the graphic design that is iconically displayed to represent the Boston Marathon. 

The original Boston Strong shirt, created by three Emerson College students after the Boston Marathon bombing, is one of the most recognizable symbols of charitable support for the victims and survivors of that day. The students paired the two equally strong colors of yellow and blue, already associated with the race, to unify the message and the event. Both colors separately hold meaning that supports the overall passion displayed within the Marathon. What two other colors could have done the job any better?

After realizing the powerful meanings behind the iconic yellow and blue pair our research ended up running us into the history of the Boston Marathon. Not only has the Boston Athletic Association been dedicated to the Boston Marathon, but also to the Greater Boston community. Many charitable programs have been supported thanks to the BAA and their many sponsors. The Boston Athletic Association really shows what it means to be "Boston Strong"! 

For more information on B.A.A. and their contributions, visit !

Yellow & Blue Boston Marathon Colors Bold & Empowering

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