Now THIS is Direct Mail Marketing with Print & a helicopter! Go Amex!


On Tuesday morning, upon arriving in the office after the long holiday weekend, I was welcomed by this very interesting package.


Direct Mail Marketing Campaign from American Express

The package is almost two feet long, six inches wide, 7 inches high and very light weight.

Our first thought in the office was, who ordered this and what is it. Next, after reading the outside of the box I began to think it might be advertising.

We opened the box.

This was what we saw when we opened the box:

Print Mail Marketing Campaign - Inside Box Cover - AMEX

A large printed label adhered to the inside cover of the box with a message from American Express.

Then as we lifted the nicely printed blue sky and white fluffy clouds we saw this:

American Express marketing campaign - remote control helicopter. Direct mail.

A remote control helicopter! Wow!

So, what's the catch? What is the call to action?

Here it is:

Call to action from Amex Helicopter direct mail marketing campaign.

Very creative Amex! I think we will be giving Ms. Weir a call, if only to discuss this awesome marketing campaign.

My only criticism of this campaign is that American Express could have made an even bigger impact with the use of personalization/variable data. I know that they have loads of personal  information at their fingertips, (they probably know the birthweight of my first born child, for goodness sake!) so, I say, put that information to good use, personalize my marketing piece!

Did anybody else out there receive the helicopter? What did you think? Will you set up an appointment? Have you opened the box yet? Would personalization have made a difference?

Can't wait to hear your feedback on this. If you have received a cool direct mail marketing piece that made you say WOW please share!

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About The Author

Carrie is currently the President and Co-Owner of TPI Solutions Ink. She is a graduate of RIT with a BS in Printing Management. Carrie has over 40 years experience in the printing industry.