Top 10 Blog Posts on TPI Solutions Ink Printing Company Blog


printing-company-walthamOver the past year and a half we have been working hard at TPI Solutions Ink to produce some great blog posts. Of course, some posts are more successful than others. I decided to take a look back and see which posts on our printing company blog generated the most interest since we started in June of 2010.

Here is what I found out:

Top 10 TPI Solutions Ink Blog Posts

  1. Mohawk Panoramic Paper & the HP Indigo Press

  2. Humidity the culprit? Case of Paperback Curl

  3. How to Pre-flight & Package InDesign file for Printer

  4. Infographic: HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press

  5. Printing with "Green" Fonts

  6. Christmas cards - that time of year again!

  7. QR Codes, what are they?

  8. Requesting a Printing Quote: What Your Printer Needs to Know

  9. InDesign Keyboard Shortcut Chart

  10. New HP Indigo 5500 Installed and Runningprinting-company-boston

Do you have a favorite post from the top 10? What type of articles would you like to see in 2012? We are open to all suggestions!


About The Author

Carrie is currently the President and Co-Owner of TPI Solutions Ink. She is a graduate of RIT with a BS in Printing Management. Carrie has over 40 years experience in the printing industry.