Marketing with Print and QR Codes


More and more people are talking about QR codes lately because of their popularity of use in printed marketing materials and beyond. What exactly is a QR code though? QR is short for quick response. They are codes, similar to barcodes, and they are meant to be scanned by smart phones. A QR code can link to information about a company, its products, promotional information and much more. Many organizations are now including QR codes in their print marketing, but how exactly does a company conduct an effective marketing campaign utilizing these codes?print-marketing-and-qr-codes

The first thing to realize when marketing with print and QR codes is that when a person scans this code with their phone, it directs the person to information. A company must thoroughly plan and choose the best information to offer the person who is scanning the code. This is really one of the most integral parts of marketing with print and QR codes. What information do you want a potential customer to see first? What information will cause the customer to investigate further into your company? If you can determine the answers to these questions, you are on your way to an effective marketing campaign.

Some examples of the types of information you may want to offer through a printed QR code are a company’s website home page, contact information for the company, information about a promotion or contest currently offered or a coupon. One promotional item that could potentially lead to sales is a discount code. If a QR code directs a person to a discount code, the person might be more likely to place an order with your company. The discount code could be for a percentage off an order or free shipping for the customer’s first order.

The next step in planning for a successful print marketing campaign, using QR codes, is to determine what you will choose to print your QR code on. There are so many options when it comes to places to print QR codes. They can be placed on signs, posters, business cards, postcards, on store fronts and more. The options are unlimited, and this method of advertising works for all types of businesses. Be sure to place your QR code where it will be seen by your target market. The smart phone user’s curiosity will be peaked when they see a poster or a sign that has a QR code printed on it. The QR code on that concert or movie poster could contain a link that takes the person scanning it directly to the site where they can purchase tickets to the show. How convenient and brilliant at the same time!

Plan your next print marketing campaign to include the use of QR codes. Marketing your company with QR codes offers numerous benefits and is an ideal way to keep up with current trends. Print marketing with QR codes is cost effective and it gets your audience exactly where you want them to be. The most important benefit, however, is that this form of marketing really works. QR codes create excitement for consumers and offer a new and unique way to gain potential customers’ interests. Including QR codes on your printed marketing materials is becoming more widespread. It is an ideal way for all companies to increase sales, consumer interest, and brand or name recognition. Consider marketing with print and QR codes today and reap the rewards. 


About The Author

Carrie is currently the President and Co-Owner of TPI Solutions Ink. She is a graduate of RIT with a BS in Printing Management. Carrie has over 40 years experience in the printing industry.