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Graphic design inspiration: 4th of July FireworksWho doesn’t love fireworks? Well . . . besides the dog and the baby. Personally I think fireworks are great and the bigger the display the better!  This weekend will present many opportunities for viewing fireworks as we celebrate Independence Day here in the USA on July 4th. These 4th of July fireworks displays can also serve as great inspiration for graphic designers, photographers and artists. Why not use that colorful, explosive experience as design inspiration when creating your next great design for digital printing or offset printing?

To get those creative juices flowing and inspire you I've come up with a list of some cool links related to fireworks. Check them out!

The Underappreciated Art of Firecracker Labels:
Until I happened upon this website I had never really given much thoughThe underappreciated art of firecracker labels.t to the art and printing of firecracker labels. These printed labels are really interesting and collectible to boot!

Stunning Fireworks Photos:
This link will take you to where you will find a collection of beautiful photographs of fireworks from around the globe. Aaaah . . .

Illuminated Firework Art:
Looking for a fun DIY project to tackle over the long holiday weekend? Here you go! Be sure to send photos when you are done. : )

The Art and Science of Fireworks Displays:
Ever wonder how those doggone things work? Well here is your answer.

Making Art Out of Fireworks:
Talk about explosive . . . this gentleman from China creates art with gunpowder.

Some Seriously Cool Sparkler Art:
Got to love sparklers! Here are some pretty great images caught on film.

. . . and to send you off with a bang take a look and a listen to

Katy Perry’s Firework Video
Pretty inspirational, I must say.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Independence Day!
Now, blast off and design away . . .


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