A Royal Wedding with Custom Printed Wedding Invitations, of course!


So, . . . are you all geared up for the big event on Friday? What event you say? The Royal Wedding, of course! With all the hype and mania surrounding the upcoming nuptials of William and Kate I can’t imagine that anyone in North America hasn’t heard something about it.

I do have to say that all the coverage seems a bit much at times but I have to admit that I’m pretty sucked in by it all. Must be all those fairytales read to me as a kid and then read again, not so long ago by me, to my kids. A real live Cinderella and Prince Charming story! Ah, so romantic . . . but so many details to be taken care of, like printing the Royal Wedding Invitations to name one!



Okay, so with all the talk of the dress, the family, and the wedding details in general, the printer in me was bound to come out at some point. Yesterday while keeping on top of my social media efforts for the day it was inevitable that I would come across some royal wedding chatter. It got me thinking about the wedding invitations. How were they printed? What type of stock was used? Did William and Kate choose the typeface?

I’m sorry to say that through my internet research I wasn’t able to come up with many of the answers to these questions. I did learn that the typeface used on the invitations is Perpetua Italic, as to whether the royal couple chose it . . . who knows? The only other information I was able to find was that “the invitations are (printed) on thick white card measuring 8in by 6in, beveled, gilded and stamped with EIIR in gold which has then been burnished”, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Now, for the average person out there, I’m sure that the details of how the wedding invitations were created hasn’t even crossed their mind. I’m thinking though, that maybe some of you graphic designers, artists, printers and the like out there do find these details interesting. Or . . .  am I the only crazy one out here?!?


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