HP Indigo Operator is also an Offset Pressman; Q&A with Dan Spurrell


Having a seasoned offset press person as a trained HP Indigo operator is something that we have taken for granted at TPI and we really shouldn't have. A digital press operator with a background in offset printing definitely gives us an advantage.

As many of you know TPI Solutions Ink is a family owned and operated printing company. Dan Spurrell is my brother and, you could say, has ink running through his veins. He is a skilled press person, both in offset and digital. His experience and knowledge of both processes allows us to deliver a quality product to our clients each and every time.

hp-indigo-operator-offset-pressmanI decided to  sit down with Dan and do a Q&A to find out what makes him such a great offset and digital press operator.

Carrie Q: 
So, Dan, how long have you been working in the printing industry?
Dan A:
I’ve been working in the printing industry since I was 14 years old, about 25 years now.

Q:  What was your first job in “the print shop”?
  The first job I did at the shop was piece work, hand collating and stuffing envelopes for the Brandeis University application packages. This was a great way to make a little spending cash during the summer.

Q:  What other jobs did you do at TPI before you became a pressman?
  My grandfather, Abe Spurrell, who started the company with my dad Jim Spurrell taught me how to shoot negatives in the darkroom. Once I was old enough to work on machinery I did bindery work including folding, stitching and cutting, shipping and receiving and once I got my license I also did deliveries.       

Q:  When did you start working at TPI full time?
June of 1990, right after I graduated from high school.

Q:  When did you start running a press?
  I started running a press when I was about 18.  The first machine I worked on was a Hamada 612 duplicator and I ran mostly short run black work.

Q:  What types of presses have you operated throughout your career?
  Hamada 600, Hamada 665 two color, Heidelberg MOZP 19x25, Heidelberg GTO 52 four color

Q:  When did TPI Solutions Ink purchase its first HP Indigo digital press and why did they choose the Indigo over other digital presses?
TPI got its first Indigo in 2005. We chose Indigo because we felt that it was the closest thing to true offset printing in the digital world.hp-indigo-operator-offset-pressman

Q:  Are you a certified HP Indigo operator?
A:  Yes, I am.

Q:  What types of jobs, traditionally printed offset, are now being printed digitally at TPI Solutions Ink?
A:  Everything from business cards to short run books and calendars.

Q:  Do you still do traditional offset printing at TPI?
Yes, we still do a lot of offset printing
, things like letterheads, envelopes and business cards. Jobs that have large runs or very specific spot colors and jobs that just don’t work digitally.

Q:  How does the quality of digital printing compare to offset printing?
The quality of full color digital printing on the HP Indigo is equal to, if not sometimes better than, traditional offset CMYK printing. The best thing about digital printing is the reduction in set up time and cost. We can print short runs of high quality full color materials in a short amount of time.

Q:  Do you feel that your experience and knowledge of running traditional offset presses has been beneficial to you when running the HP Indigo? Why?
A:  Sure, because I have an understanding of color, both spot color and CMYK. I know what a quality offset job looks like and how to get my digital job to look just as good. My knowledge and experience with CMYK in offset printing helps me to make accurate color adjustments on the digital press. In the end my customer is getting a quality printed piece and not just a color copy. Digital printing is not color copying there is definitely skill involved.

Do you have any other questions for Dan? Please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

About The Author

Carrie is currently the President and Co-Owner of TPI Solutions Ink. She is a graduate of RIT with a BS in Printing Management. Carrie has over 40 years experience in the printing industry.