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Printing Services

On Demand Digital Printing
HP Indigo Press

 Our HP Indigo 5500 is the industry leader in high quality digital printing. If you're looking for beautiful, affordable, full color printing, HP Indigo is the way to go. White ink, spot colors and the ability to print on a variety of substrates are just some of the perks of our HP Indigo press.

Offset Printing

When printing larger quantities or custom spot colors and stationery, offset is a great choice. Heidelberg and Hamada presses are the workhorses in our pressroom.



Large Format Printing

Banners, large posters or special presentation pieces can all be done in house on our HP DesignJet 5500 PS large format printer. Our large format machine can print on a number of materials including canvas, vinyl, art paper and more.

Self Publishing &
Short Run Books

Have you ever wanted to create a book of your own? It's easy with digital printing technology. We have the ablility to print high quality short run books on demand. Need some help setting up your book for print? We can handle the layout too.


Wedding Printing

It's always wedding season at TPI. We love working with the specialty substrates and colorful designs that come with wedding invitation printing. We'll take care of your entire wedding package from the inital save the date cards to invitations and addressed envelopes, right up to "day of" printing for menus and programs.


Marketing Materials with Variable Data

With variable data on our HP Indigo Press we can print personalized messages and images tailored to your client’s individual needs. The personalized printed piece has more impact on your target audience, therefore, a greater return on investment will be enjoyed.


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